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Miles Lubricants focuses on innovation in the lubrication industry. The company targets various

industries by manufacturing outstanding quality products on fair price. Miles is recognized by our

customers with our personal and positive service experience.


Miles Petroleum was established in 1937 as a supplier of petroleum based lubricants. The idea of supplying the general public with lubricants began with Jack Stern. In the early days, the transportation of oil and lubricants was delivered in steel containers that looked like milk cans. Jack’s vision was to supply superior quality products with exceptional customer service.

Jack’s son, Morton, worked closely with his Dad. Morton showed great dedication to the company and his knowledge and experience benefited the company in many ways. He developed formulas that were constantly expanding. These formulas became basic applications for mineral based motor oil, hydraulic, and metalworking fluids.

In 1965, Morton Stern inherited the company from his father and became the new president of Miles. Under his supervision, the Miles brand continued its expansion. Morton impacted the company by developing various formulations covering new applications suitable for new industries. Miles developed not only as a lubricant formulator but a licensed distributor of Shell, Gulf, Lubriplate, and other major brands.

Throughout his presidency, Morton Stern, acquired two new buildings (totaling 15,000 sq. ft.) additional equipment, storage tanks and a fleet to accommodate the expansion.

As the old saying goes “behind every great man, there is a great woman!” Angela Stern was very dedicated and supportive of her husband, Morton Stern and Miles Petroleum. Angela became the Executive Business Manager in 1985. Upon the passing of her husband, Morton Stern in 1993, she became President and CEO of Miles Petroleum.

This was the era of constant expansion and growing technology. In response to the market demands, Mrs. Stern led a team of new engineers and talented specialists that enhanced the Miles brand in a positive way. Miles developed formulations that covered specialty products.

The formulations covered the latest technology from mineral- based oils to sophisticated synthetic specialties,(PAO) Polyalphaolefins, a variety of Esters, and Diesters. The new product line brought tremendous success for this company. Their popularity reached a nationwide level.

In 2014, Angela Stern established a second company called Miles Lubricants, LLC. The main purpose of this entity was to respond to the national demand for Miles products.

Miles Lubricants, became a leader in developing the latest technologies. The logistics of the company became one of the most sophisticated systems on the market. This system allowed products to be shipped from five different locations within the United States. The warehouses are currently located in Florida, Ohio, and three locations in New York. Additionally, an international department was established within the company responsible for communications, technology, and foreign markets.

What We Do Today

We supply a full line of petroleum based lubricants to a multitude of industries. From Industrial Applications, Fleet & Auto Service, Aviation & Marine Industry to specialized equipment, chances are we can supply you with the lubricants and fluids that are necessary to keeping your business operational.

Miles handles a complete line of conventional petroleum and specialty synthetic oils and greases. They include Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Passenger Car Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Transmission Fluids, Anti-Freeze &Gylcol, Metal Working Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluids, Grease, Gear Oils, Industrial Oils & Fluids, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Oils, Form Oils, Compressor Oils, Cylinder Oils, Air Tool Oils, Rock Drill Oils, Way Oils, Solvents, Power Generation Oils, Aviation Oils, Turbine Oils, Marine Oils, Railroad Oils, etc.

Don't forget to ask us about our Environmentally Friendly/Biodegradable Oils.

We also work very closely with our customers in helping them make sure that they are utilizing the correct lubricant and/or fluid for the correct application as recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. In many instances, we maintain the ability to conduct the necessary diagnostics to determine the performance and/or problem areas related to the usage of these products.

If you are not currently receiving the performance you expect from your lubricants/oils, please contact Miles and you will be put in touch with an expert that can assist you.
Quality Control

Miles facilities and warehouse are located in Farmingdale, New York. This location facilitates a prompt, economical shipment to customers. Raw materials are purchased in Bulk from major chemical suppliers and large product storage capability allows orders to be shipped within 48 hours.

To insure the products integrity, stringent quality controls are used throughout the warehouse. All incoming raw materials are inspected and quality control checks are made. Before shipment, all finished products are tested and the container coded to match the retained sample stored at the Miles facility. This reference sample allows precise comparison and detection of alterations in the lubricants formulation.

All personnel are thoroughly trained in the receipt, handling, and delivery of both packaged goods and bulk lubricants. Miles delivery fleet is operated by professional CDL endorsed driver-salesman who are fully trained in all aspects of product transfer and quality control. All trucks are equipped with portable bulk delivery tanks, and same product is stored in and distributed from the same tank at all times. Full transport deliveries are available through our qualified transport associates.